Winchester Pub

Winchester surrounded by zombies

Winchester Sign

Winchester Tavern sign in the rain after Liz dumps Shaun

Liz: "So what is the plan, then?"
Shaun: "The Winchester?"
―Shaun's call with Liz after forgetting to book their table
The Winchester Tavern was a London pub which best friends Shaun and Ed regularly visited prior to Z-Day, often bringing along Shaun's girlfriend Liz, and Liz's flatmates David and Dianne. The pub was owned by John (who according to Shaun and Ed's friend Big Al, had connections with the North London Mafia), and his wife Bernie. It was seemingly named after the Winchester 1886 rifle that hung above its bar (which according to Ed only strengthened Big Al's claims about John). The pub had an arcade machine, a jukebox, and a back door labeled "PRIVATE" which led to its fusebox, as well as an underground cellar which led back out into the street.

During the events of Shaun of the Dead when the Virus caused Z-Day, Shaun, Ed, Liz, David, Dianne, and Shaun's mother Barbara decide to hole up inside of the pub. This was after deciding not to bring everyone back to Shaun and Ed's flat, and deciding not to hole up in Liz's flat.

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